Keep It In the Family

What's up, Family?! I am new to the blogging space, so bare with me.  I want to share my thoughts with you about why I created this brand and how I plan to service my community through the brand and it's efforts.

We've obviously seen that MTBFGA is a clothing brand.  However, the (mended) heart of this brand is to bring awareness to strengthening and uplifting the black community.  We know that the literal meaning of family relates us by blood,  true family relates us by the heart.  Families are created all around us. 

We create families through identifying mutual interests, purpose and passion.  You all are apart of my family. Every encouraging word, like, share, and of course purchase helps me to mend hearts all over the world.

So welcome to this platform.  I will continue to come back and share what's on my heart, but I will also have pertinent information to move the black family forward.  Stay tuned, and always Make the Black Family Great Again!

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